This One Change Can Boost the Efficiency of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

This One Change Can Boost the Efficiency of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Many business owners ask me why they haven’t been able to achieve results comparable to the effort, time, and energy they invest in their online marketing campaigns. I’ve noticed that these business owners often try to save a bit of money by monitoring their digital and social media campaigns themselves and by hiring multiple vendors to execute parts of their online marketing objectives in a piecemeal fashion. While they may be saving a small bit of that marketing budget, what’s more important is that they’re wasting too much time and effort managing multiple vendors. And these vendors have different specializations and levels of understanding about the business’s overall marketing goals.

So what one change do I recommend?

A full service agency may be just the solution you need to boost the efficiency of your digital marketing efforts. Hiring a full service agency to handle your digital marketing campaign can save you the time, effort, and headache of coordinating between multiple vendors for your online campaign. A full service digital marketing agency manages all the elements of your online campaign from beginning to end—from developing an online strategy based on research and goals to monitoring and analyzing execution of your online marketing tactics.

Macro Strategy

A full service agency can optimize the efficiency of your marketing efforts by coordinating online marketing tactics in relation to a macro strategy that guides all aspects of your digital campaign. While vendors are concerned with the execution of their services at a micro level, a full service agency ensures that these online marketing tactics work in line with your overall marketing objectives.

Here’s a scenario to illustrate my point. Approach any two workers at a construction site to ask them what they are working on, and most likely they’ll give you two different answers. One might say he’s putting up a wall; another might say he’s framing a window. But ask the general contractor, and you’ll get an idea of how all these smaller jobs fit together in the context of a larger project. The workers are focused on completing the task at hand, while the contractor sees every task in relation to the overall objective of the project.

This is similar to the difference between a service provider and a full service digital marketing agency. Service providers typically concentrate on the execution of only one of your online marketing tactics, whereas a full service agency understands how all of these tactics fit together in relation to your online marketing goals. This focus on the macro strategy unifies the different aspects of a campaign so they work together to achieve the highest results.

One Point of Contact

A full service digital marketing agency can act as your one point of contact, coordinating the execution of different marketing tactics of your campaign. Not needing to explain the goals of your campaign to multiple vendors or to oversee the execution of their tasks increases the efficiency of your digital marketing output.

Think of it this way. When you want to build a house, you begin by carefully planning what you and your family wants and needs in a house. Once you have that figured out, you consult an architect to design the blueprints for your home. Then you hire a general contractor who will work within your specified budget and timeframe to procure the necessary permits needed for construction and to coordinate with various subcontractors and workers to build your home. The general contractor becomes your one point of contact regarding the progress of your house. There will always be bumps in the road, but a good contractor can make sure everything is working toward your overall plan.

Building an online presence for your business is no different. Yet many business owners forget the importance of having a “general contractor” and wonder why their company is not achieving the returns it deserves. Hiring multiple vendors is like handling the contractor’s job yourself. You must oversee the progress of various vendors who specialize in different services—a vendor for website design, one for SEO, and another for managing social media. The more number of vendors you add, the more diluted your marketing strategy and the less efficient your online campaign becomes. And the less time that you have to focus on running your business.

Are Your Digital Marketing Efforts Efficient?

Think about how you’re handling your digital marketing campaigns. Are you wasting time and effort by coordinating between multiple vendors and not maintaining a unified, overarching digital marketing strategy? You would never think of coordinating between multiple vendors, subcontractors, and workers yourself when building a home, so why devote so much time and effort away from your business by trying to manage multiple service providers?

Want to explore how SpiderMode can act as your strategy-oriented, full service digital marketing agency? Lets talk.

Roshan Manjunath
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Seasoned entrepreneur/business leader with over 17 years of experience in building and managing successful companies in India and the U.S. I’ve learned many lessons from the successes and failures that I’ve experienced. I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with other entrepreneurs and business leaders as a partner, investor, advisor, consultant, board member, or invited speaker.

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